Jul 6, 2010 at 8:01 AM
Edited Jul 6, 2010 at 8:10 AM
Hi, I'm using the BSF/BDF, and I made the next changes to be able to work with ServerDeployWizard.bat and ServerUndeployWizard.bat (both called with parameter <application>.Deployment.btdfproj) I don't know for sure if I'm missing something, but with these changes it worked fine for me. Add: <ApplyXmlEscape>true</ApplyXmlEscape> (I think this should be default in thid .btdfproj file with false. It will cost some people a lot of time when they used full XML for receive/send port transport data. Remove: <!--The Deployment Framework defaults to Transforms but we use Maps --> <Transforms>application.Maps</Transforms> <!-- The Deployment Framework defaults to Transforms but we use Maps --> <Components>application.BusinessComponents</Components> Add (now it will work Maps vs Transforms and Components vs BusinessComponents): <ItemGroup> <Transforms Include="$(ProjectName).Maps.dll"> <LocationPath>..\$(ProjectName).Maps\bin\$(Configuration)</LocationPath> </Transforms> <Components Include="$(ProjectName).BusinessComponents.dll"> <LocationPath>..\$(ProjectName).BusinessComponents\bin\$(Configuration)</LocationPath> </Components> </ItemGroup> Change: <PortBindings>PortbindingsMaster.xml</PortBindings> to <PortBindings>Portbindings.xml</PortBindings> (because the master bindings is overwritten in the Program Files folder, and you can't do a redeploy with new settings) One last comment: the files Server*.bat are copied to C:\Program Files\application\1.0\Deployment\Framework . But then these are partly in the wrong place. They should have been copied to C:\Program Files\application\1.0\Deployment\ I hope you can use this for improving the BSF. best regards Gerben
Jul 6, 2010 at 9:48 AM

Hi Gerben,

Good to hear you're using the BSF.
You're marked as developer on this project so you can make the necessary changes yourself :-)