BSF Hangs after it has been customized

Jun 19, 2012 at 4:56 PM

I am noticing that BSF hangs right after selecting the solution in the New Project Template window and clicking ok.  Visual Studio 2010 just spikes in CPU usage up to 90% and it hangs forever.  It should instead prompt for the first screen of the Wizard where I am able to enter the Namespace, select the projects (schemas, maps, etc) but it never gets there.  The customization is actually quite simple. I have modified GeneralValues.xml to include the following argument:

<Argument Name="LicenseFile">
<ValueProvider Type="Evaluator" Expression="Templates\Projects\Deployment\License.rtf" />

Jun 19, 2012 at 8:38 PM

Hi Monish, I also noticed your feedback on my website. It is always good to hear people are using the BSF.

Does Visual Studio also hang if you remove that line from 'GeneralValues.xml'?

Do you use the argument in another file like for example 'CreateSolutionRecipe.xml'?

It doesn't really makes sense for Visual Studio to hang on this, althought I've seen already some strange behavior every now and then.

I've tried adding that line in GeneralValues.xml into my sample project for BizTalk 2009 and that appeared to work just fine.

Please add as much detail as possible so I might be able to reproduce it.

By the way, sometimes Visual Studio is behaving weird if you have added and removed the BSF over and over again. Maybe some piece of the installation is still left?

Kind regards,